Some great posts and my opinions

Starting with this blog, I am shifting my 360 yaoo blogs to wordpress.

First, there are some great posts I have found recently that I hope that you might see useful.

  1. Networking on the Network by Phil Agre
  2. Why people think computer can’t? by Marvin Minsky
  3. Building a better collective memory by Michael Nielsen

The first and the third links are about the topic I have been interested in recently. Let me tell the story from the beginning. During the time I came back to Vietnam, I had to decide my research topic. Of course before that time, I had had started this process but I had to do my last choice. Ok, then I have chosen my Master thesis on Quantum Computation. And then the standard textbook in this field is Quantum Computation and Quantum Information and Michael Nielsen is one of the two co-authors. I have started with his blog and found out that he has stopped research on that field after 12 years. I wonder the reason and you can see how I was confused. It was simply that he has another more interesting topic, starting with his undergoing book “The Future of Science”. If you have read the third link, you could see there are several useful evidences and arguments. In my opinion, until now, the most fascinating points are how collaboration and networking improve our research activities. In addition, in my lab, we have 3 seminars in a week yet the productivity of them is not high, that means the collaboration between students during seminars is low. That does not satisfy us. Hence, I and my friends have started a lecture group that can help us to improve collaboration and broaden our background. And I belief that we are on the right direction. However, maintaining and developing this goup are important issues for us that can be imaged, one suggestion can be found in here. In the way to find the solution for these issues, once again, we meet the problem with collaboration and networking. That is the reason I post these link here in the hope to share with you, my dear friends.
The second link is a great essay. Its insights explain partly about what is the different between talented and ordinary people. From that point the author try to say that we are all wrong in our point of view that computer can’t think but actually it is hard for us to think that computer can think. Enjoy your time on it.


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